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Business Consulting 101: Analysis of City Harvest Church (CHC) Business Expansion

Tonight I Present to You, An Interesting Article I Read About City Harvest Church (CHC) Business Plan that could put most Big 3 Consulting Firms (McKinsey, Bain & Co., Boston Consulting Group) to Shame given in the Ingenuity of the Tactics!

"Mr Fake Hotshot Modern Day Healing Stones Seller"

 Sun Wu Kong Hee

Original Post Here:

1. Clever packaging of Sunday services.

Credits: City Harvest Church
I totally agree with you! I love the CHC does it services. Being from a Christian family and coming from an Orthodox Church background I always felt Sunday services boring and unrelatable. Everyday weekend certain sounded like story telling than learning anything from it. When I first joined CHC I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that being a Christian was an in-thing and you could learn life lessons that could be applied in our daily lives! I was drawn by Pastor Kong’s sermon on being a problem solver and making an impact in this world.

As Christians you believe in a God who is omniscient, all knowing and all powerful, the church always encouraged the congregation to think and do big think as far as your imagination can take. This indeed will increase followers as no one has ever taught these things in a church before. This may increase retention but if it was just a fad how long can the church keep bluffing people with these? It has brought a positive impact in their lives hence they continue to join services and continue giving because to run a church with all the stuffs that you’ve mentioned is not free. People continued supporting it because they love it and want the church to continue.

You make it sound easy retaining and having a huge following but then why is there still only a few who can do this and why do many of them fail?

2. Extra revenue in the form of advertisements, sales of CDs

Credits: Billboard

Church does maximize it revenue with advertising and selling related contents. If the church has a bookstore built with it definitely I would go and buy as I was to read more or wish to share it with family and friends.
If Universal Studios has a souvenir shop after every ride, why can’t the church do the same? If the secular can do it why can’t religion?

3. Efficient collection of tithes

Credits: The Association of Banks in Singapore (ABS)

We do give our tithe out our free will, its not paying. No one is forced to pay. So since i said free will it is indeed a monthly giving that is given by each member of the church. It is given in cash and via electronic payment. Online payments encourage our overseas members to continue giving as they believe in our church and its activities.
But…not GIRO! Church doesn’t have a GIRO system and I do not know where you get your facts from. Instead of watching services online you my wanna come down and see it yourself.

4. 30-fold, 60-fold, 100-fold returns on your church donations

Pastor indeed preaches on the 100-fold blessings. Its biblical and thats what church does, teach the Bible. Of course there are other churches who slam it as each and every church has it own focus.
I have been with the church for over a number of years and I have seen the blessing and that’s why I continue to give. If the scripture did not hold any water and people didn’t feel any of this were true then shouldn’t the people already stop giving? I mean it common sense right?
Like any religion “The 10 Laws Of The Harvest” promises each and every believer a blessing in return which is biblical. Isn’t every Christian promised heaven in his/her after life? Is that being greedy and self centered?

5. Quality of customers

How many organizations claim because they were asked to give 10% of their earnings they had a huge membership?
If the church has attracted an ambitious bunch then why is there so much focus on fasting and prayer? I don’t see you even mention about that in here. Its convenient to take a slice of a weekend service out of context instead of seeing what were the focus of each and every week.
You won’t get 33,000 blind people to follow that unless these people had an encounter. Like any organization if the claim didn’t hold water would you continue giving?
Yes CHC members are ambitious and always looking to be somebody in the marketplace. There is nothing wrong with that.

6. Kill off competition

How would one know what is a good or a bad ground? Its in its fruits.
Similarly the sermon tells each and every believer that since you all have experienced the goodness of God in this church this is indeed the good ground to give. The church does give to the poor and needy around the world. It does practice what it preaches. You can check on CHC website to see the reports.
Is it killing off competition? I don’t know. If the church impresses a believer he/she will sure follow. It pure free will.

7. Providing a place where the rich can network

Meet Oil Sheikhs as Business Partners :)

Church is indeed about fellowship and networking. But is every weekend about networking and name card exchanges? No.
I do have friends in the business and insurance. If i find my friend reliable with whatever they do, definitely I would recommend and use their services.
As a member I am flattered when you say its a network of the rich and powerful.

8. Preach what people like to hear.

"When you give me your donation, i bless you :)"

Clearly Matthew 19:23-24 speaks of putting your money above God. We preach on that and that’s exactly the reason why we have no qualms over giving money to the church. As members its no big deal, we put God’s work above wealth.
But from your post you claim that we are blinded and brainwashed to give away money.
You wrote;
In the video “Rich God? Poor God?”, the Pastor preaches that it is absolutely ok to be rich. Some prophets of God were very rich. (Abraham, David, Solomon)
There is nothing more musical to a money-minded person than to hear that God is on your side in your pursuit of money. The church-members who are more money-minded will love this and donate even more.
Pastor stated that the men of God were wealthy people and that is what the Bible says. He’s not making stuff up and as Christians we ought to be self sufficient and wealthy so that you can continue to give for good causes. Good causes according to the believers will.

9. God pays for the returns, not the church.

Credits: Asia One

Here we go again. Blabbering the same ol’ thing.
The church doesn’t owe anyone any money. If you want returns from the same organization you give money to, engage a broker.
Donations are all out of free will, simple as that. The principle applies to any charity, people work and donate, the charity takes and continues working.

10. Social pressure to conform in church settings and ease of influence

Free will again, whether you are turned off by people or no people its up to you. We still receive donation via our online portal and those people are disconnected as they can be. But we still continue giving as we believe in what the church is doing.

11. Tremendous future earning power

Make Money !

I was in debt when I first came to church but few years later I am now living a debt free life. The church actively teaches the congregation on “How to get out of debt”, “Building Financial Excellence” and so on. I was always blessed by that and applied Biblical Principles which you call “Prosperity Gospel” and it worked!
I love this!
In the Pastor’s words, “You may be poor today, but you will not be poor all your life”.
I totally abide by what he says ‘coz its true! Poverty is a mindset if you can overcome this, you can overcome your debt.

12. Stable earnings in times of depression

CHC... not a tightrope walker surely

Besides being a growth stock, CHC can also be viewed as a defensive and safe stock. People pray hardest when they fall in hard times. Strangely, some people have an urge to tithe when they are in financial troubles.
We should continue tithing no matter what financial condition you are in because the Bible says so. Its a curse to hold on it. I have personally held on to it to pay our my loans and it has never done any good.
People who have tasted the blessings on giving will never go back again. May be you should give it shot! Give 10% of what you earn to any charity you like, I can guarantee you will feel the difference.
Psalms 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

13. Using Prosperity as a theme to appeal to customers

God of Fortune is Smiling Brightly

Here we go again! Prosperity gospel is only preached during offering. This year our theme is “Relationship and Discipleship” and last year our theme was “Love”. I don’t see you speak about those programs we did. All you claim you see is Money, Money and Money.
Money is integral for all charities. If you cant bring in the money, your work to spread the Gospel in an effective manner will stop. You cant help the poor and the needy. You cant bring in Guest Speakers, you cant run simulcast to people all over the world!
We don’t love money, we love God. Money is the enabler unless we are all living in Willy Wonka’s world. Reality is you still need to pay the bills.

14. Tax benefits as church is registered as a charity

Tax breaks helps uses that extra to do more. This is same for all charities, its not a CHC exception.
Pastor indeed is runs a business, you should may be consider investing since you already has confessed you love for his business acumen.

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Ex MOE Scholar, Child Porn Lover, Jonathan Wong, now Involved in Underaged Sex with 15 Year Old Girl from Church !


Ex MOE Scholar, Child Porn Lover, Jonathan Wong, now Involved in Underaged Sex with 15 Year Old Girl from Church ! This Dude needs some serious Help. For those who dont already know Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong, here's some information below.

Credits: York & County Press. Featuring Jonathan Wong "Child Porner, Underaged Sex Lover"
Wolf in Sheep Clothing

Who is Jonathan Wong?
  • Ex MOE (Horny) Scholar Studying in the University of York (in UK). Major in History Studies
  • Ex Hwa Chong Student 
  • Aged 25
Timeline of Events
  • Dec 2010: Arrested in Dec 2010 in UK for having over 50 Child Porn Films in his Computer!
Credits: York & County Press. Featuring Jonathan Wong "Child Porner, Underaged Sex Lover"
  • Dec 2010: Undergraduate Studies Terminated & MOE Scholarship Withdrawn

  • Dec 2010: Punished with 6 months Suspended Sentence in 2 Years (dont need to go 6 months jail if he didn't commit the same crime again in 2 Years !)

  • Jan 2011: Returns to Singapore

  • Jan 2011: Found Job as Sub Editor at Publishing Firm in Singapore

  • Feb 2011: Got to know 15 Year Old Underaged Teenager from Church

  • Feb - June 2011: Taught Underaged Teenager about Masturbation & Oral Sex. Gave Excuse as Sex Education.... WOW. He's not an Ex MOE Scholar for nothing :)
  • Feb - June 2011: Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong, had Sex with Underaged Teenager 7 Times ! and Committed Indecent Act 3 Times ! Sex Locations: Girl's Home & Public Toilets. Took Nude Photos of Underaged Girl

  • Feb - June 2011: Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong often contacted 15 Year Old Underaged Girl, calling her "Daughter" and she calling him "Daddy". (Note: Isn't that Incest? Lols. Father and Daughter. Yucks)

  • After June 2011: School Teacher informs Underaged Girl's Father that she has been Performing Badly in School (She might have Performed Well with Jonathan Wong though :) ).

  • After June 2011: Underaged Girl's Father, working in Melbourne, returns to Singapore to discuss about her Poor Performance at School
  • After June 2011: Underaged Girl Confesses that she had Sex Multiple Times with Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong.

  • After June 2011: Angry Father Reports Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong to the Police

  • Now: Underaged Girl (now 16 Years Old), lives in Melbourne, Australia with her Parents


Clearly, Jonathan "Child Porner" Wong is a Horny Kid, who not only possessed over 50 Child Porn Films, but also Preyed on Young Girls. He Groomed the 15 Year Old Underaged Girl and Had Sex Multiple TIMES with Her ! His intent is clearly unmistakable. He deserves to be shot at for Ruining Somebody's Life (including his own, who has been probably Crap from the start).

Quote of the Day: "Watch over your Children whenever possible. Else somebody would from Behind ! (pun fully intended) 
Credits: Lianhe Wan Bao

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Saturday, 30 June 2012

Part 2: City Harvest Church (CHC), Pastor Kong Hee and the now S$50m Financial Irregularities

I will discuss Part 2 of the City Harvest Church (CHC) Saga, but for readers viewing this page for the first time, please visit Part 1.

For Part 1,City Harvest Church (CHC), Pastor Kong Hee and the now S$23m Financial Irregularities:

Part 2 will be from here onward:

What has Happened After the Initial News Broke Out?
  • (a) CHC's Financial Irregularities Increased from S$23m to S$50m and Executive Pastor Aries Zulkarnain tries to defend against such Negative Publicity
    Aries Zulkarnain
  • (b) Details about how Kong Hee Invested the $ into Bogus Companies, which subsequently DIVERTED the funds to support Ho Yeow Sun (his wife's career)

Credits: Diva Asia
  • (c) Details about how Kong Hee went from living in a 5 Room, S$127k HDB in Tampines just a few years ago, to now a S$9.3m SENTOSA COVE Bungalow !
Credits: Property Guru
  • (d) Details about how vocal CHC members have been constantly protective of their Church Leaders

CHC Members
Before i move on, read the following paragraph about what Kong Hee & CHC is about...
"An old lady bought "healing stones" that are supposed to heal her eyesight. You know it is a scam, you warn her about it, even going to the extent of trying to get money back from the guy who sold it. But she says she feels her eyesight improve, and tells you not to be a busybody. Now you realize that person selling stones bought a bungalow at Sentosa from selling these stones to many people. " 

Indeed... many CHC members have been angry with the Media as they have been portraying Kong Hee in a negative light. Let me present the facts and analysis:

a) CHC's Financial Irregularities Increased from S$23m to S$50m and Executive Pastor Aries Zulkarnain tries to defend against such Negative Publicity
  • City Harvest Church (CHC) Financial Irregularities have Increased from S$23m to S$50m
  • This means that a larger sum of $ is now involved in the Probe
  • Executive Pastor Aries Zulkarnain tries to defend/cool the situation by issuing a statement that the S$50m is still with CHC and that no Individual profited from it
Aries Zulkarnain: "The people currently in the news are our pastors and trusted staff and leaders who have always put God and CHC first. As a church we stand with them and I believe fully in their integrity. Pastor Kong is still our Senior Pastor."

My view: Currently it's a fight between CHC against the Media, Commercial Affairs Department & Public. This is an uphill task and the public has a negative sentiment towards CHC already. This was built over through the exorbitant spending by CHC over the years 

(b) Details about how Kong Hee Invested the $ into Bogus Companies, which subsequently DIVERTED the funds to support Ho Yeow Sun (his wife's career)

Credits: The New Paper
  • Kong Hee used S$50m of the Church's Funds to invest in Bogus Companies. The $ was then transferred from the Bogus Companies to support Ho Yeow Sun's (crap) career 
    The 2 Bogus Companies involved are Xtron Production and PT The First National Glassware 

    Questions to Ask:
    (1) Why did CHC invest in a small company ? Why not invest in Singapore Government Bonds? Singapore Government Bonds are AAA rated (Best). Extremely Safe.

    (2) Why would CHC go through the trouble of investing in Bonds in companies with no track record / not even heard of ?

    (3) Did CHC even investigate if Xtron Production and PT The First National Glassware are legitimate or profitable ? 

     Outcome: For CHC to even consider invest in such Bogus Companies, there are 2 main purposes.
    - Confuse those checking the paper work to make the $ transfer seem legitimate
    - Money Laundering
(c) Details about how Kong Hee went from living in a 5 Room, S$127k HDB in Tampines just a few years ago, to now a S$9.3m SENTOSA COVE Bungalow !

1992: 5 Room HDB Flat in Tampines, S$127,000 

2010: Sold 5 Room HDB Flat in Tampines for S$420,000

2010: Bought Horizon Towers Condo Unit at River Valley, Cost Unknown

2010: Sold Horizon Towers Condo Unit at River Valley in the SAME YEAR

2010: Bought One Devonshire Condo Unit at River Valley for S$2.6m. Ho Yeow Sun was also renting a S$7.7m Bungalow at Hollywood Hills in USA for $28,000/month. WOW ? 

2012: Lives in a Sentosa Cove Bungalow worth S$9.3m. This Sentosa Cove Bungalow is co-owned by both Kong Hee and Wahju Hanafi. Something smells fishy here. 
Credits: Asia One. Wahju Hanafi (left) and Kong Hee (right)
 (d) Details about how vocal CHC members have been constantly protective of their Church Leaders 
  • Many CHC members have been brain-washed by their Church Leaders to support the same people that scammed them right in front of their eyes. The majority of Humans are by nature herd followers (meaning they listen to others for instructions. This is also another reason why there are very few leaders and many followers)  

    • Some examples include: CHC members forming a human barricade to block the Media after Kong Hee left the court and others defending them from the Negative Publicity of the Media. 
      Credits: Yahoo News

      Credits: Straits Times
Concluding Statements:
  • This entire CHC saga smells too much like a SCAM. Firstly, why would a Church buy Bonds in unknown companies ? Secondly, examining the lifestyle of the Church Founder (Kong Hee) will tell you that he is rather rich and that is rather impossible for his job as a Pastor in 10 years (1992 - 2012). Thirdly, the degree of brain wash is rather amazing. This really reminds me of the brain-wash in North Korea and Kong Il Sung, Kong Jong Il, and Kim Jon Un 
  • Ultimate conclusion: Scam

    Let me know YOUR Views as well...
Kim Il Sung

Kim Jong Il

Kim Jong Un

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Sexy Teen Yap Siew Ting Extorts over S$150,000 from Rich NTU Student Ng Yong Cheng

1.0 Facts of the Case:
Three Parties:
  • Yap Siew Ting ("Sexy Yap"), Aged 17
  • Alexander Soh Zhi Ren (Boyfriend of Yap Siew Ting), Aged 21
  • Ng Yong Cheng (Victim), Aged 22, Rich Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Student. Son of Medical Doctor. Lives in Posh Condo in Choa Chu Kang.
Credits: Lianhe Wanbao

2.0 What Really Happened ?
  • Yap Siew Ting ("Sexy Yap") met Ng Yong Cheng on an Online Chatroom, Both Chatted and got to know each other.
  • Yap Siew Ting subsequently chatted with him on Skype
  • Yap Siew Ting persuaded him to take off his Clothes in exchange for her Telephone Number.
  • Yap Siew Ting secretly Filmed the entire process (including his family jewels). She threatened to upload the video if Ng Yong Cheng did not transfer her $.
  • In Total: More than 90 Fund Transfers were made Totalling S$150,000
  • Feb 2012: Ng Yong Cheng reported the case to the police.
Credits: Lianhe Wanbao
3.0 Outcomes:

Credits: Facebook
  • Ng Yong Cheng immortalised as a horny young brat
    Could this be him?:

  • Yap Siew Ting:
    (1) 24 Months Probation (no Jail Sentence)
    (2) 130 Hours Community Involvement
    (3) Has to be at home from 10pm to 6am daily (ironically, this should have been the time the offenses were committed)
    (4) Her mother signed a S$5000 agreement to ensure her GOOD behaviour
Quote of the Day: "S$150k for 24 Months Probation seems like a PRETTY GOOD DEAL"

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Howard Shaw Pleads Guilty to Paid Sex with Underaged Girl

Howard Shaw
  • Former Singapore Environment Council Executive Director
  • Currently Vice President of Halcyon Group
  • Grandson of Shaw Organisation Founder (includes the Shaw Cinemas)
  • Aged 41
  • Among 48 Men charged with paid sex with underaged girl from Pimp Tang Boon Thiew at Hotel 81 Bencoolen
  • Lawyer representing Mr Howard Shaw says it is an "honest and reasonable mistake" about the girl's age
  • Next hearing: 31 July 2012
Shaw Organisation
  • Founded in 1924 by Runme Shaw & Run Run Shaw (the Shaw Brothers) in Singapore
  • Runeme Shaw & Run Run Shaw - wealthy philanthropists in Asia, donated generously
  • Run Run Shaw donated about HKD$100m (US$15m) after the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake in China
  • Film Distribution & Movie Theater Chain
  • Managed Single-Screen Cinemas till late 1980s
  • Began building Cineplexes (multiple theaters in a complex)
  • Built the Shaw House Complex at Orchard Road in late 1980s / early 1990s
  • Presently has 7 Cinemas in Singapore, with 1 more upcoming at Punggol
    - Lido, Orchard
    - Bugis Junction
    - Lot 1 Shopping Mall, Choa Chu Kang
    - Century Square, Tampines
    - NEX, Serangoon
    - Balestier
    - JCube, Jurong East
    - Waterway Point, Punggol (to be completed in 2014)
Credits: ChannelNewsAsia

City Harvest Church (CHC), Pastor Kong Hee and the S$23m Financial Irregularities

Kong Hee
Born 23 August 1964, Aged 47
Degree in Computer Science from National University of Singapore (NUS)
Founder & Voluntary "Rock Star" Pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), Married to Ho Yeow Sun, Pop Singer

Credits: Reuters
Ho Yeow Sun
Married to Kong Hee, Pop Singer who rubbed shoulders with the likes of Wyclef Jean, Diane Warren, The Underdogs, David Foster and Carole Bayer Sager.

Some say she only got that far because of Kong Hee sending stolen funds to further her career. Let's find out more below.
Credits: Wire Image

City Harvest Church (CHC) -  a MEGAchurch. The numbers speak for itself - there are an average of 23,000 members attending Sunday service in Dec 2010. Looking back, City Harvest really means Harvesting from the City People. How Appropriate :)

Timeline of Events:

While ChannelNewsAsia published the brief timeline to what happened to Pastor Kong Hee and his "Inner Circle", let's take a look at the controversies that took place prior to this scandal. 
Credits: ChannelNewsAsia
  • 1989: City Harvest Church (CHC) founded.

  • 1993: City Harvest Church (CHC) registered as a charity.

  • 2001: CHC builts a TITANIUM-clad Church Complex in Jurong West for S$48m.

  • 2002: Kong Hee & Ho Yeow Sun embarks on "Crossover Project" to reach out to non Christians through the use of Ho Yeow Sun's pop music.

  • 2003: Ho Yeow Sun bursts into the Pop Music scene. Criticized for skimpy dressing. 
  • 2003: CHC member accuses CHC of using members' donations to fund Ho Yeow Sun's career. That individual was forced to make a public apology in the newspapers for that accusation.
  • 2005: Ho Yeow Sun claims to have been a victim of sexual abuse. Some believe it was to hype up the launch of her album "Embrace".
  • 2005: Kong Hee & Ho Yeow Sun launch Skin Couture - a high end luxury fashion store. Some wonder where they got the pool of money from.

  • 2007: Ho Yeow Sun launches 5 albums to date and some were very hot, prompting many to suggests that her popularity was "bought" through the rigorous promotion of her albums during CHC's church service.
  • Credits: Youtube
  • 2007: Ho Yeow Sun moves to USA to further her career, taking her son Dayan Kong along.

  • 2008: Ho Yeow Sun donates 500 tents to Sichuan Earthquake victims in China.

  • April 2010: CHC invests S$310m into Suntec after considering 26 plots of land based on their size, price, facilities and location. They found Suntec suitable to house 10,000-15,000 members. Following this news release, members of the public were outraged by CHC's wealth.
  • May 2010: Commissioner of Charities (COC) receives complaints about the the misuse of charity funds by City Harvest Church (CHC). COC informs Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) on the need to investigate the suspected financial irregularities. Kong Hee, Ho Yeow Sun and his right hand men are grilled by the CAD.

  • June 2010: "You Give until your Heart is Broken" famous quote by Kong Hee. 
  • June 2010: Ho Yeow Sun reported by The New Paper to have rented a swanky US$20,000/month house in Hollywood Hills worth S$7.7m. Lived there with her relatives, son, and assistant. A Mercedes Benz CLK550 was also spotted driving in and out of her rented house. Hollywood Superstars Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt also live near that area. 
  • June 2012: After almost 2 years of investigation by CAD, 5 people will be charged in court.
    Kong Hee (Pastor & Founder of CHC)
    Tan Ye Peng (VP of CHC Management Board)
    Lam Leng Hung (Member of CHC Management Board)
    Chew Eng Han (Director of AMAC Capital Partners & Investment Manager of CHC)
    Sharon Tan (Finance Manager of CHC)

  • June 2012: Kong Hee tweets to his followers: "Tough day ... I trust in You, Lord Jesus ... Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done!"
  • Charities in Singapore have been mired in controversy. They include the golden taps by TT Durai of NKF and Monk Yi Ming of Ren Ci Charity. The quote of the day would be: "You can fake some people some of the time, You can lie to some people most of the time, BUT You cannot CHEAT people all of the time".

Credits: The New Paper

Credits: The New Paper

Credits: City Harvest Church